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cements, tyre - Cements, Tyre;
cements, tyre -
  1. Crude rubber, 4 parts; Venetian red, 2 parts; resin, 2 parts; tallow, 1 part. Melt the rubber over the fire, add the resin and tallow and, lastly, the Venetian red.
  2. Gutta-percha, 8 parts; shellac, 8 parts; sulphur, 1 part; red-lead, 1 part. Melt the gutta-percha and shellac together, then add the red-lead and sulphur. Both the foregoing have to be heated for use. The following is a semi-fluid cement, resembling some of the rubber cements already described. Crude rubber, 24 parts; resin, 7 parts; shellac, 5 parts. Add sufficient bisulphide of carbon to dissolve into a thick gummy mass.

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