cements, zinc

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cements, zinc - Cements, Zinc;
cements, zinc - A cement for zinc is made by mixing whiting and zinc dust with water-glass.

Cement for Repairing Defective Zinc Ornaments

By intimately stirring together to a thick plastic mass a solution of soda water-glass of 33° B. with fine whiting and adding zinc dust (zinc grey or tutty), a grey mass is obtained which hardens in 6 to 8 hours, and becomes extraordinarily solid. By polishing it, after hardening, with an agate it acquires the lustrous white colour of metallic zinc. It is especially suitable for repairing zinc ornaments and vessels, but it also adheres firmly to stone and wood as well as to metals and glass. It can be used as a paint.

A zinc composition for repairing stonework

This is made from 2 parts by weight of oxide of zinc, 2 of crushed limestone, and 1 of crushed grit mixed and ground together into a powder. To this is added a liquid consisting of a saturated solution of zinc chloride, to which is added an amount of ammonium chloride equal to A the weight of the zinc contained in the chloride of zinc. The liquid is then diluted with ⅔ its bulk of water, and 1 lb. of the powder is mixed with 2½ pints of the above liquid.

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