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chimney cleaner - Chimney cleaner;
chimney cleaner - The chemical chimney cleaner is a compound in powdered form, made up in packets, to put on a hot fire, when it evolves gases which have the effect of carrying off a good deal of the soot in a chimney. The same compound has also been sold to improve the heating of ovens, but is only effective of course in ridding the flues of some of the soot. The instructions for use are to make a hot fire, then put the packet on and put a blower up in front of the fire (if it is an open grate) and in a few minutes the contents of the packet have effected their purpose.
  1. Parts by weight: blue stone, 7; coarse salt, 6; muriate of ammonia, 8; saltpetre, 5; fine sand, 2; coke dust, 2. Well mix. Can be coloured with any inert material, such as red ochre, if desired.
  2. Parts by weight: chloride of sodium, 7; potassium nitrate, 4; flour sulphur; cuprous sulphate, 7; muriate of ammonia, 8; colour as (1) if desired.

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