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cloth, and clothing cleansing - Cloth, and Clothing cleansing;
cloth, and clothing cleansing -

Clothes, Washing compound for

The German washerwomen use a mixture of 2 oz. turpentine and 1 oz. spirits of ammonia well mixed together. This is put into a bucket of warm water, in which ½ lb. soap has been dissolved. The clothes are immersed for 24 hours and then washed. The cleansing is said to be greatly quickened, and 2 or 3 rinsings in cold water remove the turpentine smell.

Solution for cleaning Clothes

For tweeds and silks the following is good. Methylated spirit ½ oz., strong spirit of ammonia 1 oz., spirit of naphtha 30 drops. Take one tablespoonful of this mixture and stir it into half a pint of warm water. Apply with a brush but do not soak the material.

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