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cements for letter fastening - Cements for Letter Fastening
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Metal Letters upon Glass, Marble, Wood

  1. Mix copal varnish, 15 parts; boiled linseed-oil, 5; oil of turpentine, 5; and glue, 5. The glue is dissolved by placing the mixture in a water bath. When solution is complete, 10 parts of slaked lime are added.
  2. Mix 15 parts of a varnish prepared from sandarac and white resin with 5 parts of linseed-oil, boiled with litharge, and 5 parts of oil of turpentine. To this add 5 parts of marine glue, and after dissolving this mixture on a water bath add 10 parts of flake white and white-lead.
  3. Mix 15 parts of copal varnish prepared with an addition of resin and 0 parts of oil of turpentine with 2 parts of powdered isinglass, 5 of sifted iron filings and 10 of washed clay or ochre.
  4. Mix 15 parts of copal varnish prepared with gum lac, 5 of linseed-oil boiled with litharge, 8 of solution of caoutchouc in tar oil, 7 of tar oil with 10 of Roman cement and plaster of Paris.
  5. Brass letters may be securely fastened on glass panes with a cement composed of, litharge 2 parts, white lead 1, boiled linseed-oil 3, gum copal 1. Mix just before using. It forms a quickly drying and secure cement.

Porcelain Letters

Mix 80 parts of starch and 100 of pulverised chalk 1 with equal parts of water and alcohol, together with the addition of 30 parts of Venetian turpentine. Care must be had to agitate the mass with a stick so as to insure its homogeneity.

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