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cements, steam - Cements, Steam
cements, steam - The lutes usually employed for making steam-tight joints are composed of white lead and litharge in various proportions.
  1. A steam-tight cement which is said to be superior to the ordinary white-and-red lead cement, is obtained by mixing 6 parts of finely pulverised graphite, 3 of slaked lime, 8 of sulphate of baryta, and 7 of boiled linseed-oil. These ingredients must be intimately mixed.
  2. Dried and powdered clay, 6 lb.; iron filings, 1 lb.; made into a paste with boiled linseed-oil; used for stopping cracks and leaks in boilers, stoves, etc.
  3. Litharge in fine powder, 2 parts; very fine sand, 1; lime that has been allowed to slake spontaneously in a damp place, 1; mixed, and kept from the air; made into a paste with boiled oil, and used to mend cracks, and secure steam joints.
  4. Good linseed-oil varnish ground with equal weights of white lead, oxide of manganese, and pipeclay.
  5. Dry, powdered clay, 1 part; clean, sifted iron filings, 2; acetic acid, sufficient to make a paste.
  6. Dry, powdered clay, 8 to 10; iron filings, free from rust, 4; peroxide of manganese, 2; sea-salt, 1; borax, 1; water, sufficient to make a paste.
  7. Sulphate of baryta, 1 part; clay, 2; made up with solutions of silicate of potash, and borax; it resists a very high temperature.
  8. Iron filings, free from rust, 50 parts; flowers of sulphur, 2; pulverised hydrochlorate of ammonia, 1; these substances are mixed with water or urine, so as to make a solid and homogeneous paste, which is used in the joints of steam boilers. The lute swells, becomes very solid, and perfectly closes the joints.
  9. Iron filings, 4 parts; loam, 2; powdered sandstone, 1; made into a paste with salt water; becomes very hard on setting.
  10. A thick paste, composed of silicate of soda and iron filings; the latter substance may be replaced by a mixture, in equal parts, of powdered oxide of zinc and peroxide of manganese.
  11. Sand, 84 parts; Portland stone, 166; litharge, 18; pulverised glass, 0.90; red lead, 0.45; sub-oxide of lead, 0.90; the whole rubbed up with oil.

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