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violin cleansing - Violin cleansing;
violin cleansing -
  1. Use soap and water, but avoid its running through the "f" holes. Clean the interior with dry rice. Do not use spirit.
  2. Moisten the solid parts with salad oil, then mix same oil and spirits of wine together in a basin, trying its strength first on a part of the neck or scroll, then with a piece of white linen rag, dipped in the oil and spirit, rub the soiled parts, keep shifting the rag as it gets dirty: it will take several days to do, but keep the parts well soaked, where dirty, with oil after every rubbing; but by no means scrape it.
  3. Ordinary paraffin oil. Slightly saturate | a rag of soft silk, and proceed to wash your violin therewith. The effect is almost magical; the paraffin dissolves the crust of dirt and resin and cleans the varnish without injuring.
  4. For the outside, a strongish solution of washing-soda, applied with piece of flannel. If you find the soda remove the varnish (as it does with some oil-varnishes), use soap-and-water, and then paraffin. When clean, rub with linseed-oil; spirits of wine removes the old resin at once, but sometimes takes the varnish with it. For the inside, get a handful of rice, steep it in solution of sugar and water 5 minutes, strain off, and nearly dry the rice till just sticky. Put in at soundholes, and shake till tired. This will pick up all dirt, then turn out.

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