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carpets cleansing - Carpets cleansing (Vacuum Cleaning)
carpets cleansing - The vacuum system, which may be said to suck the loose dirt from the carpets (for it cannot remove fixed dirt marks or stains, though by removing loose dirt from fixed marks it may make them less pronounced), is now being largely used owing to the many advantages it offers. In the first place it raises no dust, does not scatter a proportion of the dirt disturbed, as any brushing process must; it is more positive, removing more dirt from beneath a carpet than a brush can get at. It may not be as effective as taking up carpets and underfelts, beating them and washing the floor, but for ordinary periodical thorough cleaning as required in hotels and similar places, the vacuum method is considered to make the raising of fixed carpets unnecessary. With a public dining (general meal) room, the raising of the carpet and its cleaning would mean stopping business for a day or two at least; while the cleaning of sitting and bedroom carpets, by raising them, would keep a certain percentage of rooms perpetually unfit for occupation. Vacuum cleaning is quite as quick as surface brushing, and' in certain pressing cases it is undertaken without even removing the hangings in the room.

The vacuum is produced by an air pump, this being driven by a petrol or similar motor (when the outfit is portable and carried in a van from house to house). A good vacuum of 25 in. is easily got, and the general working of the system presents no difficulties. The chief detail, that is kept secret as far as possible, is the "dirt-arrester." A pump that may be effective and free working with air will quickly fail if the air is loaded with dust and debris, and the duty of the dirt-arrester is to filter this out of the air which is drawn through the substance of the carpet and which of course disengages and carries the dirt from the carpet with it. The details of an arrester are given in Fig. 1, this showing the interior construction in section. Its exterior is simply a box or case, or any convenient shape, the interior being divided up and including a coke air-filter bed as shown. The case must have a door to admit of the dirt being removed (and the coke which will require washing or renewing) and, needless to add, the door, and the whole case, must be absolutely air-tight. The cleaning out of the box must be done as often as the operator judges best, this being governed by the size of the box and the state of the carpet.

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