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chip or straw bonnets cleansing - Chip or Straw Bonnets cleansing
chip or straw bonnets cleansing -

To Clean Chip or Straw Bonnets

Wash in warm soap liquor, well brushing them both inside and out; then rinse in cold water, and they are ready for bleaching.

To Bleach Chip or Straw Bonnets

  1. Put a small quantity of salts of sorrel or oxalic acid into a clean pan, and pour on it sufficient I scalding water to cover the bonnet or hat. Put the bonnet or hat into this liquor, and let it remain in it for about 5 minutes; to keep it covered, hold it down with a clean stick. Dry in the sun or before a clear fire.
  2. Having first dried the bonnet or hat, put it, together with a saucer of burning sulphur, into a box with a tight closing lid. Cover it over to keep it in the fumes, and let it remain for a few hours. The disadvantage of bleaching with sulphur is that the articles so bleached soon become yellow, which does not happen to them when they are bleached by oxalic acid.

To Finish or Stiffen Chip or Straw Bonnets

After cleaning and bleaching, white bonnets should be stiffened with parchment size. Black or coloured bonnets are finished with a size made from the best glue.

Straw or chip plaits, or leghorn hats and bonnets, may also be cleaned, bleached and finished as above.

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