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fur cleansing - Fur cleansing
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  1. Soap or water will spoil it. Get some clean common whiting - powdered, and plenty of it - put it in a damp place for a day or so, but on no account let it get wet; rub it into the fur with the hand, and don't be afraid to rub it. Now let it stop till next day, give it another good rubbing, then shake out all the whiting you can, and give it a good brushing with a clothes-brush. It will now be pretty clean, except the skin at the bottom of the fur. To remove the dirt from this get the fur over the back of the chair, and use the point of the clothes-brush very briskly, at the same time giving a short puff of wind every time you give a stroke with the brush. With a little patience you will remove every trace of whiting, grease, or dirt. Lastly, pour a little spirits of wine on a plate, dip the point of the clothes-brush in this, and lightly pass it over the fur; move the brush the same way as the fur runs.
  2. Take equal parts of flour and powdered salt (which should be well heated in an oven), and thoroughly rub the fur. It should afterwards be well shaken, to free it from the flour and salt.
  3. Lay the fur on a table, and rub it well with bran made moist with warm water. Hub until quite dry, and afterwards with dry bran. The wet bran should be put on with flannel, and the dry with a piece of book muslin.
  4. Thoroughly sprinkle every part with hot plaster-of-Paris, and brush well with a hard brush. Then beat it with a cane, comb smooth with a wet comb, and press carefully with a warm iron; when dry, shake out all loose plaster-of-Paris.
  5. Make a thin paste by adding benzoline to light carbonate of magnesia. Cover the fur with this thoroughly, hang it out in the open air to dry, then shake and brush it, until the whole of the powder has been removed.

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