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jewellery cleansing - Jewellery cleansing
jewellery cleansing - Common jewellery may be effectually cleaned by washing with soap and warm water, rinsing in cold water, dipping in spirits of any kind, and drying in warm boxivood sawdust. Good jewellery only needs washing with soap and water, and polishing with rouge and a chamois leather.

To Restore the Lustre of Jewellery Take 1 oz. cyanide potassium and dissolve in 3 gills water. Attach the article to be cleansed to a wire hook, immerse and shake in the solution for a second or two, and remove and wash in clean water, then in warm water and soap. Rinse again, dip in spirits of wine, and dry in boxwood sawdust. If the solution is kept, put it in a tightly-corked bottle, and label poison conspicuously. One caution is necessary: do not bend over the solution so as to inhale the odour, nor dip the fingers in it; if one of the articles drops from the hook, better empty the solution into another vessel.

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