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  1. Dissolve ½ oz. glue, and a bit of soft-soap the size of a walnut, in about 3 pints of warm water, and with a well-worn whitewash brush well scrub the work, but not sufficient to get off the paint, and rinse with plenty of cold clean water, using a washleather; let it dry itself. Work done in this manner will often look equal to new.
  2. First take off all the dust with a soft brush and pair of bellows. Scour with a mixture of soft soap and fullers' earth, and use lukewarm water. If there are any spots which are extra dirty, first remove these by rubbing with a sponge dipped in soap and water. Commence the scouring at the top of the door or wainscot and proceed downwards; and dry with a soft linen cloth. When cleaning paint it is always better to employ two persons, one to scour and the other to rub dry.
  3. Dip a flannel rag into warm water, and wring it out nearly dry. Take up on the rag as much whiting as will adhere, and rub this on the paint until the dirt or grease disappears. Wash the part well with clean water, and rub dry with soft cloth. This is an excellent and clean method, and is often effective in removing discoloration from white or light-tinted paints and enamels, and varnished work.

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