january 11

january 11 defined in 1911 year

january 11 - January 11;
january 11 - German Emperor's Society for the Promotion of Scientific Research formally constituted in Berlin. Chinese National Assembly dissolved. - Emilio Estrada elected Pres. of Ecuador. - New Palace of Justice, Rome, opened by King Victor Emmanuel. - Resignation of Rumanian Liberal Cabinet; M. Carp forms Conservative Ministry. - General strike declared on Portuguese railways, followed by strike of shop assistants in Lisbon. - Fighting between Mexican Govt. troops and insurgents near Comstock, Texas.

january 11 defined in 1912 year

january 11 - January 11;
january 11 - M. Antoine Dubost re-elected President of the French Senate. - The Russian steamer "Russ" sinks in the Black Sea with 172 persons on board. - Rioting at Bahia, Brazil; Government building bombarded. - Spanish Council of War and Marine sentences seven of the Cullera rioters (see Sept. 18, 1911) to death. - England beats Wales in Assoc. football at Tufnell Park by 10 goals to 0.

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