february 3

february 3 defined in 1911 year

february 3 - February 3;
february 3 - German Crown Prince arrives in Calcutta. - Sir John Fuller appointed Governor of Madras. - Sir T. G. Carmichael appointed Governor of Victoria. - Mr. Charles Aitken appointed Keeper of Tate Gallery, London, vice Mr. D. S. MacColl, appointed Keeper of Wallace Collection. - Fishing village on ice outside Bjorko, Finland, carried out to sea; most of the inhabitants saved. - Sir Joseph Ward, New Zealand Premier, speaks at Wellington, N. Z., on Imperial Defence. - Pres. Taft tenders services of U. S. to assist in restoring peace in Honduras. - 20,000 Chicago garment workers on strike decide to return to work on whatever terms they can make individually.

february 3 defined in 1912 year

february 3 - February 3;
february 3 - Mr. Bertrand Stewart sentenced at Leipzig to 3½ years' detention in a fortress for espionage. - Mr. Lloyd George speaks on finance at the City Liberal Club. - Telegram published from the Princes and People of India to the British nation expressing gratitude for the Royal visit. - Wales beats Scotland in Rugby football at Swansea by 21 points to 6.

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