february 7

february 7 defined in 1911 year

february 7 - February 7;
february 7 - Ways and Means Committee, U. S. House of Representatives, approves Reciprocity Agreement with Canada. - Mr. Justice Grantham at Liverpool Assizes defends himself against charges made in House of Commons of partisanship in trying election petitions. - Plague in Manchuria reported to be spreading. - South African cricketers beat Victoria at Melbourne by 8 wickets. - Execution of Gen. Millionard, leader of Haitian revolutionists.

february 7 defined in 1912 year

february 7 - February 7;
february 7 - Coal conference of employers' and miners' representatives meets in London and fails to agree. - German Reichstag opens. - Dickens centenary celebration held. - Lord Haldane goes on a political mission to Germany. - £100,000 raised for Bedford College for Women, London. - U. S. Dept. of State reaffirms policy for the "open door" in China. - U. S. marines landed at Puerto Cortes, Honduras, to protect American interests. - Extra session of the Philippine legislature, called on Feb. 2, ends without passing appropriation bills.

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