february 15

february 15 defined in 1911 year

february 15 - February 15;
february 15 - Sir Edward Grey, Sir Alfred Lyall and Sir William Anson elected trustees of British Museum. - U. S. Commerce Court holds its first public session. - Announced at Washington that contracts have been signed by the Hondunm envoy and American bankers for a $7,500,000 loan to Honduras.

february 15 defined in 1912 year

february 15 - February 15;
february 15 - Labour Amendment to the Address in British parliament in favour of a minimum wage rejected. - London and North Western Railway appoint an official as "Grievance hearer." - German Chancellor speaks in the Reichstag on Lord Haldane's visit. - Myron T. Herrick (b. 1854) of Ohio appointed U. S. ambassador to France as successor of Robert Bacon, resigned January 2. - Two bank messengers are held up in a taxicab at noon in financial district, New York City, and robbed of $12,000. - Railroad officials and steel-rail makers confer at New York City as to safer rails. - Corner-stone laid of National "Maine" Monument in Central Park, N. Y., to commemorate the U.S.S. "Maine" destroyed in Havana harbour before outbreak of Spanish-American War in 1898.

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