february 27

february 27 defined in 1911 year

february 27 - February 27;
february 27 - Resignation of French Cabinet under M. Briand. - Second reading of Parliament Bill moved in House of Commons by Mr. Asquith; Opposition amendment moved by Mr. A. Chamberlain. - Death of Lord Wolverhampton, aged 81.

february 27 defined in 1912 year

february 27 - February 27;
february 27 - Miners' national conference meets in London. Further negotiations at Downing Street. - Fighting between Arabs and Italians at Margheb in Tripoli; heavy Arab loss. - Revolution in Paraguay; Pres. Rojas compelled to resign and Pres. Pena appointed. - Paris motor-car bandits steal a car and shoot a policeman dead. - Anthracite coal miners in Pennsylvania demand a 20% increase in wages and an eight hour day (see April 1 and May 18).

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