march 4

march 4 defined in 1911 year

march 4 - March 4;
march 4 - U. S. Congress ends without voting on Reciprocity Bill; Pres. Taft at once calls extraordinary session to meet on April 4 for that purpose. - U. S. Senate passes permanent tariff board bill with amendment, but it is killed by filibustering in the House (see Jan. 30). - Chinese Government notify Russian Government that they no longer desire revision of Treaty of 1881. - Jubilee of emancipation of Russian serfs celebrated in St. Petersburg. - Honduran Congress appoints Francisco Beltian provisional President.

march 4 defined in 1912 year

march 4 - March 4;
march 4 - Fighting at Derna in Tripoli. - Over 200 suffragettes arrested for window-breaking in London. - Retirement of Admiral Sir Arthur Wilson from active list of British Navy. - Trial of Frederick Henry Seddon and his wife for murder by poisoning begins in London. - German miners' strike in Dortmund district. - Death of Admiral Aubry, commander in chief of Italian naval forces, on his flagship at Toronto, aged 63. - Murder of Mr. Frederick Day, British missionary, at Chichau, near Peking. - Bill passed by U. S. House of Representatives declares all citizens of Porto Rico to be citizens of United States.

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