march 9

march 9 defined in 1911 year

march 9 - March 9;
march 9 - By-election in Bootle division of Lancashire results in return of Mr. Bonar Law (Unionist), majority 2,194. - By-election in N. E. Lanarkshire results in return of Mr. J. D. Millar (Liberal), majority 1,200. - Mr. Borden's amendment to refer Reciprocity agreement to electorate defeated in Canadian parliament by 111 votes to 70. - Lord Howard de Walden wins law suit in King's Bench Division, London, against Mr. John Lewis, draper, for affixing defamatory placards on houses on the Howard de Walden estate; damages one farthing. - Seilliere art sale begins in Paris and results in total of over £52,000. - Pres. Taft assures Pres. Diaz that no action by the United States against Mexico is indicated by the mobilisation of 30,000 American troops on Mexican frontier.

march 9 defined in 1912 year

march 9 - March 9;
march 9 - The Ambassadors of the Great Powers ask Italy to state the terms on which she would accept arbitration in the war with Turkey. - King George lays the foundation stone of the new County Hall in London. - Sir H. Hesketh Bell appointed Governor of the Leeward Islands. - General increase of 5 % to 7% announced in wages of textile workers in New England affecting more than 125,000 persons. - Ireland beats Wales in Rugby football at Belfast by 12 points to 5,

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