march 15

march 15 defined in 1911 year

march 15 - March 15;
march 15 - North Louth (Ireland) by-election results in return unopposed of Mr. Augustus Roche, Nationalist, in place of Mr. R. Hazleton (N.), unseated on petition.

march 15 defined in 1912 year

march 15 - March 15;
march 15 - Joint Conference of British coal-owners and miners breaks up without agreement. - Sir J. Thomson given the Order of Merit. - Oklahoma decides to support Mr. Roosevelt as Republican candidate for the Presidency. - Protest from the "four-nations" banks (Great Britain, France, Germany and U. S.) against a loan to China by an Anglo- Belgian syndicate as an infringement of their agreement with the Chinese Govt. - New star in Gemini first observed at Greenwich. - Mona, opera by Prof. H. W. Parker, first performed at the Opera House, New York. - Dr. Harvey W. Wiley (b. 1844), chief of Bureau of Chemistry of United States Dept. of Agriculture, resigns his position. - By a vote of 198 to 103, -the U. S. House of Representatives passes bill placing sugar on free list.

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