march 22

march 22 defined in 1911 year

march 22 - March 22;
march 22 - Pres. Taft explains that presence of American troops near Mexican frontier is only precautionary. - Rioting in S. Wales in connection with miners' strike. - Mr. Alfred Parsons elected full member of the Royal Academy, London.

march 22 defined in 1912 year

march 22 - March 22;
march 22 - Guy Bowman, journalist, and B. E. & C. E. Buck, printers, sentenced in London to 9 and 6 months' hard labour respectively for publishing and printing an article in the Syndicalist tending to incite soldiers to mutiny. - German Armaments Bill provides for increased expenditure on the Army and Navy up to 1916. - French Chamber passes a Vote of Confidence in the Government's Morocco policy. - Chinese National Assembly at Nanking raided by women. - Mr. Thomas McKenzie elected leader of the Liberal-Labour Party, in office in New Zealand. - Fighting between Spaniards and Moors in the Riff, County Morocco. - American bituminous coal-miners refuse to work under existing scale.

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