april 2

april 2 defined in 1911 year

april 2 - April 2;
april 2 - Decennial census taken in United Kingdom; women suffragists attempt to evade enumeration. - Berber attacks on Fez repulsed.

april 2 defined in 1912 year

april 2 - April 2;
april 2 - Mr. Lloyd George introduces the Budget in the British House of Commons. - Lord Cheylesmore elected Chairman of the London County Council. - Mr. Hamel crosses the English Channel in an aeroplane with a lady passenger. - British punitive expedition in the Sudan resisted by the Annaks; 2 British and 3 Egyptian officers killed. - Dacca conspiracy case in India results on appeal in acquittal of 21 prisoners and reduction of sentence for 14. - The Russian Senate at St. Petersburg decide that of 146 Americans charged with attempted revolution 94 should be acquitted and 52 sentenced to penal servitude or imprisonment.

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