april 6

april 6 defined in 1911 year

april 6 - April 6;
april 6 - Council of Russian Empire adopt interpellation regarding enactment of Zemstvo Bill by ukaz. - Signor Giolitti, in Italian Chamber, outlines ministerial policy, including electoral reform, payment of deputies, and workmen's pensions. - Bill to incorporate Imperial Steam ship Company, which aims at an All-Red Route, passed by Canadian Senate. - Explosion in Banner Mines, Littleton, Ala., causes death of 128 miners, mostly convicts.

april 6 defined in 1912 year

april 6 - April 6;
april 6 - National Conference of Miners' Federation of Great Britain meets in London and endorses the decision of its executive that the men should resume work. - Russia decides to join the "Four Powers" banking syndicate for the issue of a loan to China. - French warship's launch swamped in Tangier harbour, 5 persons drowned.

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