april 22

april 22 defined in 1911 year

april 22 - April 22;
april 22 - Railway accident at Blaauwkrantz Bridge, South Africa; 30 killed or fatally injured. - Dr. W. R. Inge appointed Dean of St. Paul's, London. - British team win Anglo-American chess match played by cable. - Final tie for Football Assoc. Cup at Crystal Palace, London, results in draw between Bradford City and Newcastle United. - Pacific Mail steamer, "Asia," attacked by Chinese pirates after being wrecked on Finga Rocks in China Sea. - Indictments of February 18 against Bonilla and other Honduran revolutionists dismissed.

april 22 defined in 1912 year

april 22 - April 22;
april 22 - German Reichstag begins debate upon Defence Bills. - The Archbishop of Canterbury speaks at Carnarvon against Welsh Church Disestablishment. - Mr. A. J. Balfour appointed Clifford Westbury at Glasgow. - Further French reinforcements enter Fez; order restored. - U. S. Senate passes bill granting independent tobacco companies an appeal from decree of Federal Circuit Court approving dissolution of Tobacco Trust. - Eastern U.S.A. railroad locomotive engineers who voted (April 12) to strike, their demands for wage increase and better working conditions having been refused Mar. 25, accept offer of mediation made by U. S. Commissioner Neill and Judge Knapp. (See April 23, April 30, Nov. 24.)

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