april 27

april 27 defined in 1911 year

april 27 - April 27;
april 27 - French Govt. inform Powers signatory to Act of Algeciras of measures adopted for relief of Fez. - Persian Govt. defeated on British Loan Bill. - Mr. Asquith informs deputation from House of Commons that he will bring their memorial urging creation of an Advisory Imperial Council before Imperial Conference. - Australian Referendum re turns show majorities of about 200,000 against Constitutional Amendment and Monopolies questions. - Laurits S. Swenson (b. 1865) of Minnesota appointed U. S. minister to Norway, as successor of Herbert H. D. Peirce. - U. S. Senator Frye of Maine resigns as president pro tempore of Senate; and Reapportionment bill, increasing membership to 433, is passed by House. - 15th annual art exhibition opens at Carnegie Institute, Pittsburg, Pa.; John White Alexander's painting "Sunlight" awarded medal of first class.

april 27 defined in 1912 year

april 27 - April 27;
april 27 - General Lyautey appointed first French Resident- General in Morocco. - Mr. Roosevelt speaks in Mass, against Pres. Taft. - The Persian Govt. makes a series of arrests on suspicion of members of the late Mejliss. - Committee on Banking and Currency of U. S. House of Representatives begins enquiry into "money trust," its powers having been expressly enlarged, April 25. - Owing to protests from U. S., Great Britain, France and Germany, China cancels contract for a Belgian loan of £10,000,000. - German battleship, "Konig Albert," launched at Danzig.

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