april 30

april 30 defined in 1911 year

april 30 - April 30;
april 30 - Fire at Bangor, Maine; 3 lives lost and damage estimated at $3,500,000.

april 30 defined in 1912 year

april 30 - April 30;
april 30 - The second reading of the Home Rule Bill is moved by Mr. Winston Churchill in the British House of Commons. - Liverpool shipping strike settled. - Ship-building strike breaking out at Hamburg. - "Oceana" enquiry begun in London before Mr. Dickinson and Assessors. - The steamer "Texas" strikes a mine in the Gulf of Smyrna and sinks with a loss of 68 lives. - Count Berchtold speaks on foreign relations in the Hungarian Delegation Committee. - Royalist raid into Portugal occurs at Moncao. - Suit brought in St. Paul, Minn., for dissolution of Internal. Harvester Co. - Arbitration agreement signed in N. Y. City between employers and railway engineers (see April 22, April 23 and Nov. 24).

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