may 3

may 3 defined in 1911 year

may 3 - May 3;
may 3 - South Birmingham by-election results in return of Mr. L. S. Amery (Unionist) unopposed. - Autograph sale at Leipzig; Mr. J. Pierpont Morgan gives £5,000 for a letter of Martin Luther to Charles V and presents it to the German Emperor. - Mr. J. Lowther, Speaker of British House of Commons, celebrates silver wedding.

may 3 defined in 1912 year

may 3 - May 3;
may 3 - State Sickness, Insurance Committee of British Medical Association issue pledge to members to resign all contract work unless Association's demands are met by the Government. - A Rembrandt belonging to Lord Feversham sold to Mr. Frick, of the U. S., for £50,000. - Italians capture Lebda, near Tripoli. - Bengal Chamber of Commerce protests against change of the Indian capital to Delhi. - Action for damages, brought in the High Court, London, by the "Pisagua" against the "Oceana," decided against the latter. - Railways entering Chicago grant freight-handlers half wage increase demanded.

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