may 6

may 6 defined in 1911 year

may 6 - May 6;
may 6 - Mr. Borden, Canadian Opposition leader, speaking at dinner to Premiers of British Columbia and New Brunswick, attacks Reciprocity ^Agreement with America. - Peace negotiations in Mexico suspended. - Mr. Asquith speaks at Manchester on Parliament Bill. - Barnstaple by-election results in return of Sir George Baring (Liberal), majority 488. - M. Vallon, French airman, killed at Shanghai. - Mr. G. Hamel wins aeroplane race, Brooklands to Brighton, in 57 min. 10 sec.

may 6 defined in 1912 year

may 6 - May 6;
may 6 - Mr. Asquith addresses a Scottish deputation on "Home Rule all round." - German Emperor calls conference in Berlin to consider the safety of sea-going passengers. - Mr Bryce's conduct as British Ambassador at Washington is defended in the British House of Commons by Sir E. Grey, - Royal Academy exhibition opens at Burlington House, London. - Duke and Duchess of Connaught start on a tour through Canada. - Employers' Liability and Workmen's Compensation bill passed by U. S. Senate.

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