may 10

may 10 defined in 1911 year

may 10 - May 10;
may 10 - Juarez captured by Mexican insurgents; garrison made prisoners. - M. Stolypin in Russian Duma defends Government use of Emergency Clause in Constitution,

may 10 defined in 1912 year

may 10 - May 10;
may 10 - British Board of Trade regulations for unemployment insurance issued. - South Wales Miners' Council call a general conference to consider decisions of the District Wages Board. - Miss Malecka, a British subject, condemned at Warsaw to four years' penal servitude for belonging to the Polish Socialist Party, a revolutionary organisation. - Bollart, a coppersmith, sentenced at Leipzig to 4 years' penal servitude for betrayal of naval secrets. - Mr. Bonar Law speaks at Primrose League annual demonstration in Albert Hall, London, on Unionist prospects. - Amalgamation announced of two London Liberal papers, the Daily News and Morning Leader. - Legislative, Executive and Judicial appropriation bill, abolishing Commerce Court and making other changes, passed by U. S. House of Representatives.

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