may 13

may 13 defined in 1911 year

may 13 - May 13;
may 13 - Pres. Taft, speaking in New York, contrasts American administration of criminal law unfavourably with that of England. - Demonstration against Holmes circular organised at Albert Hall, London, by National Union of Teachers (see March 21). - American Geographical Society removes to new building in New York City, gift of Collis P. Hunting ton.

may 13 defined in 1912 year

may 13 - May 13;
may 13 - Mr. F, E. Smith speaks against second reading of Welsh Church Disestablishment Bill in British House of Commons. - E. V. B. Fisher, English airman, and Mr. V. L. Mason, American passenger, killed at Brooklands, Surrey. - Italian warships seize islands of Piskopi, Nisero, Kalismo, Lero and Patmos. - Pres. Taft appeals to the women of California to vote for him in the presidential primaries. - U. S. Senate's amendments to measure providing for direct election of U. S. senators accepted by House. - Anti-Russian riot at Lemberg. - Budget Committee of German Reichstag adopt Navy Law Amendment Bill. - German Emperor in private conversation with Burgomaster of Strassburg threatens to suppress constitution of Alsace-Lorraine and incorporate those provinces with Prussia. - Fighting at Djakova in Albania. - Strike of workers in gold mines at Waihi, New Zealand, begins, owing to a dispute between two rival labour organisations.

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