june 25

june 25 defined in 1911 year

june 25 - June 25;
june 25 - Monument to John Stuart Mill inaugurated at Avignon. - Race for the Grand Prix de Paris won by Marquis de Ganay's "As d'Atout."

june 25 defined in 1912 year

june 25 - June 25;
june 25 - Democratic Convention for selection of Presidential candidate opens at Baltimore. - Violent protest made in British House of Commons by Mr. George Lansbury, Labour Member, against forcible feeding of Women Suffragist prisoners. - Mr. Asquith receives deputation urging adoption of proportional representation in Ireland as a means of safeguarding rights of minorities under Home Rule. - British Board of Trade Inquiry into loss of "Oceana" decides that its captain was responsible. - British Colonial Secretary appoints Committee under Sir Kenelm Digby to consider Land Question in British West Africa. - Death of Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema at Wiesbaden, aged 76.

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