july 3

july 3 defined in 1911 year

july 3 - July 3;
july 3 - Seamen's strike settled at Liverpool, Hull and other ports. - British House of Commons rejects Mr. Butcher's amendment to Naval Prize Bill, referring Declaration of London to an expert Commission, by 301 votes to 231. Bill passes second reading. - Severe heat wave in United States and Ontario; many deaths. - Two competitors in European Aviation Circuit race arrive at Hendon, Middle sex, Vedrines leading.

july 3 defined in 1912 year

july 3 - July 3;
july 3 - First clause of Home Rule Bill carried in British House of Commons by majority of 92. - Board of Trade enquiry in London into loss of "Titanic" concluded. - Mr. Lloyd George gives breakfast at n Downing St., to inaugurate Radical land policy. - Mine explosion near Oberhausen, Germany; 16 miners killed and 6 injured. - A. Piatt Andrew, Assistant Secretary of U.S. Treasury, attacking efficiency of Secretary MacVeagh, resigns. - House Bill revising chemical schedule of tariff rejected by U.S. Senate. - After adopting a platform Democratic National Convention at Baltimore, Md., adjourns.

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