july 13

july 13 defined in 1911 year

july 13 - July 13;
july 13 - Investiture of Prince of Wales at Carnarvon Castle. - Anglo-Japanese alliance renewed for ten years. - Wick- low (East) by-election results in return of Capt. Donelan (see May 22) unopposed. - Glasgow seamen's strike settled.

july 13 defined in 1912 year

july 13 - July 13;
july 13 - Hanley by-election results in return of Mr. Outhwaite (Liberal) by majority of 654. - Report by Sir Roger Casement on treatment of Indians in Putumayo rubber industry, Peru, issued in London. - Mr. Lloyd George speaks at meeting in Kennington to celebrate Insurance Act. - Two women suffragists arrested for attempt to burn Nuneham House, near Oxford. - Five Chinese Ministers, including Finance minister, resign, and a committee of three is appointed to deal with foreign loans. - Mr. Knox, U.S. Secretary of State, formally notifies Senate of British pro test against preferential treatment of American shipping in Panama Canal. - Senator Lorimer unseated by U.S. Senate on the ground that his election as Senator from Illinois was secured by corruption.

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