july 24

july 24 defined in 1911 year

july 24 - July 24;
july 24 - Mr. Balfour, Lord Lansdowne and Mr. Asquith have audiences of King George. - British House of Commons assemble to consider Lords' amendments to Parliament Bill. Mr. Asquith endeavours to make statement but is shouted down, and the Speaker adjourns the House. - British cruiser "Fox" captures two dhows in Persian Gulf with rifles and ammunition on board. - Reciprocity Bill strenuously opposed in Canadian Parliament and appeal to the country demanded. - Fur seal treaty ratified by U. S. Senate (see July 7). - U. S. Interstate Commerce Commission orders lower freight rates from eastern points to points between Missouri river and Pacific Coast. - In Texas state-wide prohibition defeated by majority of over 6,000.

july 24 defined in 1912 year

july 24 - July 24;
july 24 - British Medical Association in full meeting decide to work sanatorium part of National Insurance Act on terms to be agreed upon with the Govt. - Rioting at London docks after march of dockers through the streets of the City to Tower Hill where meeting is addressed by the strike leaders. Mr. Ben Tillett asks the men to join him in a prayer "that God would strike Lord Devonport dead." Two bread vans are overturned and plundered, two carts set on fire, and fighting occurs with men at work. The police charge with batons and about 20 of the strikers are injured. Twenty arrests made. - Lord Lansdowne, speaking at annual meeting of Rural League, outlines future land policy of Unionist Party. - Mr. Winston Churchill makes further statement in British House of Commons on Govt.'s naval programme. - First International Congress on Eugenics opened in London by a banquet at which Mr. Balfour speaks. - It is reported that potato disease has appeared in Ireland. - M. Clemenceau in an open letter defines his grounds for opposing M. Poincare's Government's scheme for electoral reform by proportional representation. - Meeting of Tsar of Russia and King of Sweden at Pitkapaasi Bay, Finland. - Sundry Civil appropriation bill and measure creating single-diainbered legislature of 16 members for Alaska passed by U.S. Senate. - Prof. Herschell Parker and Belmore Browne announce from Tolvina, Alaska, that they ascended to within 300 feet of summit of Mt. McKinley.

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