july 26

july 26 defined in 1911 year

july 26 - July 26;
july 26 - Dinner to Lord Halsbury given in London by "Die Hard" opponents of Parliament Bill, Lord Selborne presiding. - First Universal Races Congress opens in Lon don. - British Medical Association meet at Birmingham and consider attitude of profession toward sb National Insurance Bill. - Aeroplane race over 1,010 circuit of Great Britain won by "Beaumont" (Lt. Conneau), Vedrines second. - Queen of Holland and Prince Consort visit King and Queen of the Belgians at Brussels. - Maharaja of Gwalior gives £8,000 for charitable institutions to commemorate the Coronation. - Pres. Taft signs the Canadian Reciprocity bill passed by U. S. Congress. - Pres. Taft sends to the U. S. Congress message on Controller Bay (Alaska) controversy and opens to private entry 12,800 acres near Bering coal field of Alaska.

july 26 defined in 1912 year

july 26 - July 26;
july 26 - By-election at Crewe results in Unionist victory for Mr. E. Craig by majority of 966. - Meeting at Calcutta to express discontent with Privy Council's judgment in Mymensingh Case (see June 18). - Officers of the Turkish Army, claiming to represent Adrianople Army Corps, demand resignation of new Cabinet and substitution of a Young Liberal Ministry. - Fire at aJuly 23). - Due de Lorge killed in lift accident in London. - Strike of 2,000 workmen on Grand Trunk railway, near Fort George, B.C. - Excise Tax bill passed by U.S. Senate, 37 to 18, with amendments creating permanent tariff commission and repealing Canadian reciprocity act.

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