august 3

august 3 defined in 1911 year

august 3 - August 3;
august 3 - Lord Haldane delivers address at Oxford on "Great Britain and Germany: a Study in Ethnology." - Malissori tribes at Podgoritza, Montenegro, on advice of King Nicholas, accept Turkish concessions and return to Albania. - London Docks Improvement scheme announced. - National Congress of French railwaymen pass resolution against sabotage. - Internat. Peace Conference at Bern, Switzerland, proposes to form permanent bureau of peace. - In U. S. Congress Reapportionment bill with several amendments passed by Senate; Underwood Cotton Revision bill passed by House.

august 3 defined in 1912 year

august 3 - August 3;
august 3 - Montenegrins attack Turkish blockhouse on Turco- Montenegrin frontier; 50 Turks killed, 12 Montenegrins killed and 15 wounded. - Mr. Lindsay Campbell. Australian airman, killed at Byfleet, England. - U.S. Senate withdraws Canadian reciprocity "rider" of Steel bill.

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