august 6

august 6 defined in 1911 year

august 6 - August 6;
august 6 - Demonstration of dock labourers in Trafalgar Square, London; Sir A. Rollit's award announced, giving 1d. an hour increase of wages, making 8d. an hour, with 1s. an hour overtime. - Meeting of French and Spanish working men in Madrid protests against military operations in Morocco.

august 6 defined in 1912 year

august 6 - August 6;
august 6 - Mr. Roosevelt declares his programme of social reform (including general minimum wage) at Chicago Convention. - Pres. Taft sends message to Congress asking for immediate legislation to establish authority in Panama Canal zone, and to fix maximum tolls. - Rolla Wells (b. 1856), formerly mayor of St. Louis, made treasurer of U.S. Democratic National Committee. - Talaat Bey and Djavid Bey, leaders of Committee of Union and Progress, leave Constantinople for Salonika. - Earl of Liverpool appointed Governor of New Zealand in succession to Lord Islington. - Mr. MacCallum Scott, Member of British House of Commons, suspended for disregarding Speaker's authority; he makes an apology next day. - Trial of women suffragists at Dublin for attempt to set fire to Theatre Royal (see July 18); Miss G. Evans and Win. Measey Leigh sentenced to 5 years' penal servitude. - King Js Cup won at Cowes by Lord Dunraven's yacht "Cariad." - Arab attack on Zaagar, Tripoli, repulsed. - Railway accidents at Lozanne, France (5 killed, 15 injured), and at Labotant, France (2 killed, 20 injured).

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