august 10

august 10 defined in 1911 year

august 10 - August 10;
august 10 - House of Lords pass Parliament Bill, deciding by 131 votes to 114 not to insist on their amendments. - Resolution in favour of payment of members carried in British House of Commons by 256 votes to 158. - Provisional agreement arrived at in London between lighter men and carmen and their employers. - Rioting at Liver pool in connection with dock strike. - Turkish Government express readiness to make same terms with Mirdites and other Albanian clans as with Malissori.

august 10 defined in 1912 year

august 10 - August 10;
august 10 - Mr. Winston Churchill in letter to Sir George Ritchie, attacks Mr. Bonar Law's and Sir Edward Carson's speeches on Ulster as incitements to lawless violence. - Albanian leaders formulate plan of reform and submit it to Ibraham Pasha; ten clauses accepted by Turkish Government on the 11th. - U.S. House of Representatives passes measure requiring all ocean-going vessels to be equipped with life-boats enough for every person on board.

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