august 30

august 30 defined in 1911 year

august 30 - August 30;
august 30 - British Association meeting opens in Portsmouth; Sir William Ramsay delivers presidential address on "The Sources of Energy," and the probable exhaustion in 175 years of British coal supply. - M. Cambon returns to Berlin with the French proposals for an agreement with Germany, which are stated to include cession of territory in French Congo.

august 30 defined in 1912 year

august 30 - August 30;
august 30 - Mr. Borden leaves London for Canada. - Centenary of "Comet," first steamship, celebrated at Glasgow. - Mr. Cody wins British Army Council's prize for best military aeroplane. - Political rioting in Para, Brazil; news paper office burnt. - Chinese Finance Minister signs contract with London firm of Birch Crisp & Co. for loan of £10,000,000, secured on free surplus of salt gabelle. - Senate of the island of Samos presents note to Commanders of French and British warships at Valley and to Russian consul at Smyrna demanding evacuation of the island by the Turkish troops.

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