september 18

september 18 defined in 1911 year

september 18 - September 18;
september 18 - Death of M. Stolypin, Prussian Premier. - Reported that Salia-ed-Dowleh has become Pretender to Persian throne. - Revolutionary plot discovered at Barcelona, and general strike reported at Valencia, Spain. - German reply to French Morocco proposals handed to M. Cambon at Berlin.

september 18 defined in 1912 year

september 18 - September 18;
september 18 - Ulster demonstrations against Home Rule begin at Enniskillen; speeches by Sir E. Carson, Lord Hugh Cecil and others. - Funeral of Count Nogi and his wife at Tokio. - Emperor of Japan invested with Order of Garter by Prince Arthur of Connaught. - Street rioting at Budapest; many injured, 80 arrests. - Chinese Council announces acceptance of Russian conditions concerning Outer Mongolia, but will resist any aggression on Inner Mongolia.

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