september 21

september 21 defined in 1911 year

september 21 - September 21;
september 21 - General strike declared on Irish railways. - General election in Canada results in Conservative majority of 48 and rejection of Reciprocity Agreement with United States. - Death of Arabi Pasha. - Chinese troops relieve besieged city of Cheng-tu in Szechuan province. - Severe earthquake at Valdez, Alaska, breaks military cable.

september 21 defined in 1912 year

september 21 - September 21;
september 21 - Demonstration against Home Rule at Coleraine; Sir E. Carson, Mr. F. E. Smith, and Mr. Hugh Barrie speak. - Turkish troops despatched to Adrianople owing to rumoured critical situation in Bulgaria. - Mr. H. J. D. Astley, British airman, killed at Belfast. - Lt. Berger and Lt. Zunghanns, German airmen, killed near Chemnitz, and Bittner, German parachutist, killed at Berlin. - Mr. Lloyd George opens Institute at Llanystumdwy; suffragist interrupters roughly handled by crowd. - Three hundred armed Cretans and revolutionary leader, Sofoulis (banished since 1908), land in Samos and are joined by many natives; fighting with Turkish troops.

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