september 23

september 23 defined in 1911 year

september 23 - September 23;
september 23 - Demonstration against Home Rule at Craigavon, near Belfast; Sir E. Carson speaks. - Reported that Italian troops have landed on coast of Tripoli. - Argentine battleship "Moreno," sister ship of "Rivadavia," launched at Camden, N. J. (see Aug. 26). - Strike of railway carmen begins on Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railroad, affecting about 1,500 employees.

september 23 defined in 1912 year

september 23 - September 23;
september 23 - M. Sazonoff arrives at Balmoral Castle, Scotland, and is received by King George. - Bolivian cabinet reconstituted with Senor Saracho as Foreign Minister and Senor Ascarruiz as Minister of Finance. - Chinese Government express regret that they cannot accept the Six Powers' loan on the terms offered. - Death of the Infanta Maria Teresa, sister of King Alfonso XIII of Spain. - Railway accident at Merville, near Caen, France; 2 killed, several injured. - 15th International Congress of Hygiene and Demography meets at Washington, U.S.A.

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