october 5

october 5 defined in 1911 year

october 5 - October 5;
october 5 - Italian flag hoisted at Tripoli. - Fresh Royalist plots in Portugal. - Shots fired at Minister of Justice in Austrian Reichsrath, - Triple murder of wife and two children at Newcastle-on-Tyne by husband who afterwards commits suicide in prison. - Four wall paper manufacturers and several dealers indicted by Federal grand jury in Cleveland, Ohio, under Sherman law.

october 5 defined in 1912 year

october 5 - October 5;
october 5 - M. Poincare communicates to British Foreign Office French proposals for averting war in the Balkans, which involve joint action of Austria-Hungary and Russia in Balkan capitals and joint action of all the Powers in Constantinople. - Bulgarian and Servian parliaments meet at Sofia and Belgrade in extraordinary session. - Jack Zelig, a witness in forthcoming trial of Police Lt. Becker for murder of Rosenthal, shot dead in New York. - Spanish general railway strike averted. - Mr. Asquith, at Ladybank, Fifeshire, says that the Government will not bow to the threats of Ulster but adhere to their intention to place the Home Rule Bill on the Statute Book.

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