october 7

october 7 defined in 1911 year

october 7 - October 7;
october 7 - Signor Giolitti, speaking in Turin, defends Italy's action in Tripoli. - New Swedish ministry formed under M. Staaf. - Gordon-Bennett Balloon race won in America by German balloon "Berlin II." - Mr. Balfour speaks at Haddington on his action as regards Parliament Bill. - General Luis Mena elected President of Nicaragua. - Firemen on Georgia & Florida railroad return to work after ten days' strike, receiving their demand of 50% of engineers' pay.

october 7 defined in 1912 year

october 7 - October 7;
october 7 - Proposed peace agreement between Italy and Turkey presented to Italian Cabinet at Rome by Signor Giolitti. - British House of Commons re-assembles; Sir Edward Grey makes statement on Balkan crisis. - Debate on report of Court of Inquiry into loss of the "Titanic" in British House of Commons. - Mr. Lloyd George authorises statement that he is not in favour of a "single tax." - Opening of Danish Parliament. - Turkish Govt. announce willingness to apply Law of the Vilayets of Turkey in Europe (1880), drawn up in agreement with the International Commission for Eastern Rumelia, for reform of abuses. - Essad Pasha and nine battalions of Turkish troops sent to Tuzi. - Trial of Police Lt. Becker for murder of Rosenthal begins in New York. - St. Paul's Protestant Episcopal church, Boston, Mass., U.S.A., proclaimed a cathedral.

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