october 9

october 9 defined in 1911 year

october 9 - October 9;
october 9 - Turkey addresses circular note to Powers with regard to possible mediation. - British battleship "King George V" launched at Portsmouth. - International Maritime Conference meets in Paris. - International Committee of Cotton-growing Associations meets in Berlin. - Lord Haldane speaks at Aberdeen in reply to Mr. Balfour on Parliament Bill. - Mr. J. Redmond speaks at Swindon on Irish Home Rule. - Mr. Lloyd George holds conference with British Medical Association and Friendly Society representatives.

october 9 defined in 1912 year

october 9 - October 9;
october 9 - King Nicholas of Montenegro issues proclamation calling upon all Montenegrins to join in "holy war" against Turkey; Montenegrins capture Detchitch. - Rumania assures Bulgarian Govt. that she will maintain neutrality. - The Anarchist, Alba, sentenced in Rome to 30 years' imprisonment (7 in solitary confinement) for attempt on life of King Victor Emmanuel III (see March 14). - Mr. Balfour speaks at Haddington on Home Rule Bill. - Inter national Congress on Archaeology opens in Rome. - Fighting near Derna, Tripoli, results in repulse of Turks and Italian occupation of Sidi Abdallah district. - Express carriers ordered by U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission to show cause why proposed rates should not be made effective (see July 15). - 75th anniversary of founding of Mount Holyoke College U.S.A.; $500,000 endowment fund announced as over-subscribed.

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