december 2

december 2 defined in 1911 year

december 2 - December 2;
december 2 - Coronation of King Vujiravudh of Siam at Bangkok. - King George and Queen Mary arrive at Bombay. - Three days' armistice at Wu-chang signed at Hankaw. - Russians advance towards Teheran. - Public opinion in America excited by confession of J. J. and J. B. MacNamara of responsibility for dynamite explosion in office of Los Angeles Times on Oct. 1, 1910. - Eladio Victoria elected provisional Pres. of Santo Domingo.

december 2 defined in 1912 year

december 2 - December 2;
december 2 - German Imperial Chancellor speaks in Reichstag on Balkan crisis. - King Ferdinand and his Finance Minister leave Sofia for Chatalja. - Greek delegates delay negotiations for armistice, and Greek gunboat bombards Valona. - Cabinet crisis at Tokyo; resignation of General Uyhara, Minister of War. - Archbishop Nouel installed provisional President of Republic of Santo Domingo, succeeding Victoria, resigned November 28. - Lord Rosebery speaks at Bathgate on Lord Roberts's warnings as to efficiency of Territorial force. - U.S. Congress assembles. - U.S. Supreme Court (reversing circuit court) orders dissolution of Union Pacific-Southern Pacific railway merger. - Several American bishops named at papal consistory.

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