december 13

december 13 defined in 1911 year

december 13 - December 13;
december 13 - P. & O. liner "Delhi," with Princess Royal and Duke of Fife on board, wrecked on Morocco coast. - Sir John French's Report on British Territorial Force published in London. - Cape Appeal Court decides that if any of a man's near ancestors was coloured, he must be regarded as of non-European descent. - "Les Sauterelles," play attacking French colonial system, by Emile Fabre, produced at Vaudeville theatre, Paris. - Five persons accused of espionage in interests of England sentenced at Leipzig to terms of penal servitude varying from 12 to 2 years. - Sulzer Resolution asking for abrogation of U. S. treaty with Russia of 1832 on account of Russia's refusal to admit American citizens who are Jews passes House of Representatives by 300 to 1 (see Dec. 19).

december 13 defined in 1912 year

december 13 - December 13;
december 13 - British Minister at Teheran addresses note to Persian Foreign Minister demanding punishment of murderers of Capt. Eckford. - Mr. Choate, in New York, denounces any refusal to submit Panama Canal question to arbitration. - Danish House passes Bill to amend Constitution, by 95 votes to 12. - In Philadelphia suit is filed by U.S. district attorney against "candy trust."

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