december 28

december 28 defined in 1911 year

december 28 - December 28;
december 28 - Count Aerenthal speaks on Foreign Policy to Hungarian Delegations, - Coal strike at Troerky, S. Wales. - Yuan Shih-kai causes issue of an edict in which the Throne expresses itself willing to abide by decision of National Convention. - Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, receives gift of $250,000 from N. W. Harris.

december 28 defined in 1912 year

december 28 - December 28;
december 28 - Turkish proposals, presented to Peace Conference, unanimously repudiated by Balkan Allies. - Principals of International Association of Bridge & Structural Iron workers convicted at Indianapolis, Ind. of complicity in dynamite outrages. - Irish Unionist Members of Parliament propose to move amendment to Home Rule Bill excluding Ulster. - Demonstration in Pretoria in favour of Gen. Hertzog, addressed by Gen. De Wet.

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