december 31

december 31 defined in 1911 year

december 31 - December 31;
december 31 - The business of the National Telephone Company in England passes to H.M.'s Govt., and telephone service comes completely under Post Office.

december 31 defined in 1912 year

december 31 - December 31;
december 31 - China defaults on payment of Boxer Indemnity instalment, through failure to obtain foreign loan. - Panels of British doctors willing to serve under Insurance Act close, but are subsequently kept open in certain cases to allow of more coming in. - Spanish Cabinet re-constituted by Count Romanones, the Premier. - Ex-Pres. Castro of Venezuela detained at Ellis Island, New York, pending decision as to whether he is an undesirable alien. - London taxi-cab drivers decide to strike on Jan. 1. - Three New York, New Haven and Hartford railway offi cials are arrested for manslaughter for the Westport wreck (see Oct. 3).

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