july 30

july 30 defined in 1912 year

july 30 - July 30;
july 30 - Yoshihito Harunomiya, Crown Prince of Japan, proclaimed Emperor. - London Court of Inquiry on the loss of the "Titanic" present their Report through Lord Mersey. - Turkish Chamber carry vote of confidence in the Cabinet by 113 votes to 95. - Royal Commission appointed to examine into Public Services in India: Lord Islington (Chairman), Earl of Ronaldshay, Sir Murray Hammick, Sir Theodore Morison, Sir Valentine Chirol, Frank George Sly, James Ramsay Macdonald, Herbert A. L. Fisher, Gopal Krishna Gokhale, Walter Culley Madge, Abdur Rahim. - Many London transport workers resume work. - Rioting in Toronto in strike of freight handlers at Port Arthur docks. - Canadian Federal Govt. order enquiry into "Empress of Britain's" collision with "Helvetia."

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